Published 19 January 2023

The Health Plan presented by the President of the French Republic on January 6, 2023

Académie nationale de médecine

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The Health Plan presented by the President of the French Republic

on January 6, 2023

Press release from the French National Academy of Medicine1



The President of the Republic presented, during the New year’s greeting ceremony for health actors on January 6, 2023, an action plan that aims to stop the decline of the French health system, documented by several institutional bodies, including the French National Academy of medicine, of which the COVID-19 pandemic has been a powerful indicator.


The Academy welcomes the measures announced in favor of a reorganization of the hospital which aims to put back doctors and health care workers at the heart of their missions. In particular, the Academy has repeatedly stressed the importance of promoting a medical co-management of hospitals rather than that just administrative and accounting, as well as a mode of financing that depends on the quality of care rather than the number of medical procedures performed. The Academy takes note with interest of the wish to review the working methods in the hospital, but remains attentive to the concrete application of this measure which conditions the attractiveness of health professions.

The Academy regrets that research and innovation in biology and health were not mentioned in the “Health Plan”, as it was already the case during the “Ségur de la Santé”. It strongly recalls that the quality of care provided to patients depends on a high-level research. The reorganization of the hospital will have to put research back at the heart of its governance and promote research cooperations with practitioner medicine, which is on the front line for chronic pathologies.

1) Press release validated by the members of the Board of Directors on January 16, 2023.