Rules of procedure

With its 135 full members and 160 corresponding members, the National Academy of Medicine is able to take into account all subjects relating to medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.
All of its members are divided into four divisions:

– 1st division: Medical specialties;

– 2nd division: Surgical specialties;

– 3rd division: Biological and pharmaceutical sciences;

– 4th division: Public health.

Governance of the Academy is entrusted to the President and the Permanent Secretary, assisted by the Vice-President, the Assistant Secretary and the Treasurer. The whole constitutes the office responsible for preparing all decisions.

It is the responsibility of the board of directors, which includes, in addition to the members of the bureau, two representatives from each of the divisions, to decide on all decisions contributing to the life and smooth running of the Academy.

Its titular members are elected by the plenary assembly. This clause confers on the Academy a complete independence and reinforces the weight of its positions.

When a seat is declared vacant, candidates send the president a letter of application stating the division (and section if applicable) as well as a statement of their titles and works. The candidate must have made himself known beforehand by one or more communications in public session.

Applications are examined by the members of the division (and / or section) concerned. A classification is established by secret ballot votes: three or four candidates are proposed, at least two of them must already be correspondents. All the titular members present participate in the election in public session.

The appointment is subject to the approval of the President of the Republic.

On average, ten new full members are elected each year.

Rules of procedure in French language.