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Published 23 October 2023

The French National Academy of Medicine redefines access to its live sessions via YouTube

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The French National Academy of Medicine redefines access to its live sessions via YouTube.

Paris, October 23, 2023 – The French National Academy of Medicine is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at providing a wider and more accessible access to its weekly academic sessions. From now on, these sessions, which traditionally take place on Tuesday afternoons, will be accessible live in streaming on the Academy’s YouTube channel, offering thus a wider access to cutting-edge medical knowledge.

To follow the sessions, just go to the Academy’s YouTube channel at the scheduled time, available in “EN DIRECT” link here.

The complete session programs are available online on the Academy’s website, under the “Agenda” section, so that journalists, experts, scientists, healthcare professionals, medical students and the general public can stay informed about current medical issues.

Virginie GUSTIN, in charge of communications at the Académie nationale de médecine, is at your disposal for any additional information you may require, to put you in touch with academic experts or any other assistance required to facilitate your media coverage.

About the Académie nationale de médecine: French national academy of medicine is a prestigious public institution founded in 1820 by king Louis XVIII. Its mission is to contribute to the advancement of medical sciences and to advise the Health Authorities. It promotes medical research, makes recommendations on public health issues, and awards prizes to reward scientific excellence. The Academy plays a crucial role in evaluating medical advances and developing health policies, thus contributing to the improvement of healthcare in France. Its members are experts of national and international fame.

All its positions can be consulted in the “VIE MEDICALE ET SCIENTIFIQUE” section (Rapports et Communiqués de Presse)” on the official website: link here.



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