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Published 15 November 2021

Pelvic endometriosis: a common disease of young women

 Pelvic endometriosis:

a common disease of young women

Press release of the French National Academy of Medicine

November 15, 2021

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Endometriosis has become in a few years a frequent disease that the French National Academy of Medicine considers as a public health issue.

Pathology affecting at least 10% of women of childbearing age, its symptoms have an impact on psychological, sexual and marital equilibrium. It has a lasting effect on professional practice conditions and is a cause of infertility; its management remains complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

The average delay of 7 years between the onset of the first symptoms and the actual diagnosis remains far too long. In addition to raising awareness at all levels of society, radical and drastic measures are needed to provide an essential help to a weakened female population.

In this context, the French National Academy of Medicine recommends:

1. A real information strategy aimed at the public opinion, the media and social networks

2. A vast training plan by:

College and high school (Life and Earth Sciences) education

Initial training of all health professionals (medical students, midwives, nurses, etc.)

Continuing education for non- practicing practitioners (Continuing professional education)

Raising awareness of imaging specialists

3. A specific care pathway, including:

The creation of labelled regional reference centers

The identification of practitioners involved in endometriosis for a targeted multidisciplinary management

An approach to isolated patients allowing them an early access to medical support

A Collaboration with patients’ associations

4. A national structure with the creation of a national endometriosis research observatory anda National Endometriosis Registry in order to better understand the epidemiology and mechanisms of this multiple expression pathology

5. Declaring endometriosis as a national cause with the essential objective of promoting women’s health